Two Powerful Phrases to Help You Stay Happy and Optimistic

I discovered a new secret to staying happy and positive. 

This past November, I started applying for online work. So far, I had five refusals (with two coming from the same company).

Still, despite the refusals, I was able to stay happy, positive, and optimistic. Yes, there were moments when I had to acknowledge my negative feelings, but they usually lasted for only an hour or two. After that, I got back on my feet and started doing the right thing again, which in my case was to continue to search for work online. 

It's partly being strengthened by experience and partly maturity. But, this past month, I learned to pray two simple, but powerful phrases whenever I feel fearful and discouraged:

"Father, You are in control."

I'd like to thank someone very special in my life for this reminder. Thank you. 

Every failure, refusal, and rejection is a test of faith for me. Whenever I feel discouraged, I realize that it's usually because I have lost faith that God is in control, that He knows what's best for me. 

Looking back, if I landed any of those full-time jobs, I might not be able to give time to my blog anymore, which is the one thing that allows me to express myself fully. It's also my gift to the world and my mission to God.

For some jobs, my asking price may be too high. Should I land those jobs, I may not be able to meet my clients' expectations because I need more experience under my belt. Imagine the stress I would feel!

That's why for every refusal, I'm now trying to learn what God is teaching me. I'm trying to take every failure as an opportunity to grow. 

And I can only do that by trusting that God is in control, that all things will work out for good, that He has something better in store for me.

Are you feeling discouraged or fearful? Are you facing failures, refusals, and rejections? We're in the same boat. But, don't worry. God is in control. 

"Everything is a bonus."

Another thing I realized during the past month is that I'm already living a blessed life. I know that my God loves me so much. I have a loving family and a wonderful girlfriend whom I all love so much. I belong to a community which welcomes me with open arms. I have friends who are always there for me, even if we don't see each other that much. I have a day job which sustains me. Financially, I have enough.

I'm not yet where I want to be, but I am very much happy and content where I am right now. I am home. I already have “it.”

Everything else—the success of my blog, finding work online, and the fulfillment of my dreams—is just a bonus.

If I don't get it, that's okay. I already have everything I need. If I do get it, my good life will only get even better! How grateful would I be when that happens?

With this mindset, I really learned to be more grateful for what I have and to be even more grateful for God's bonuses. I also learned to appreciate the little things and the small blessings in my life. Most importantly, I learned to value the people in my life and not take them for granted. They will always be my greatest treasures. 

Gratitude, indeed, is very powerful. But, you have to find your own way to practice it. I guess I found mine. The more you practice it, the more you will grow in gratitude. The more you grow in gratitude, the more you will recognize the blessings in your life. The more you recognize the blessings in your life, the more you will be blessed. And yes, being grateful is a powerful secret to staying happy and optimistic. 

How about you? Do you already have what you need? You sure do. Everything else is just a bonus. 

Can you join me in a short prayer?

"Father, thank You. Thank You for all the blessings I have in my life. I already have everything I need. Everything else is just a bonus. I surrender everything to You—all my hopes and dreams, all my fears and failures. I know, Father, I have nothing to fear because You are in control. Your will be done, Father, and not mine. Amen."

Now, are you ready to do the right thing once again? Are you ready to do things out of love and not simply out of ambition? After all, you already have everything you need!

Now, go and do work that matters!