Last night, I was asked the question, “If you could go forward in time, what would you like to know?”

Initially, I thought I wanted to know whether this blog (and all my other dreams such as becoming a successful freelancer) would succeed or not.

But then, I realized that if I knew what would happen to my future, wouldn’t it take the fun (or even a little bit of it) out of the journey? 

Or maybe it’s just me. Because when we know what’s ahead for us, when we focus on our purpose and not on the problems we’re facing right now, nothing could ever discourage us again.

But somehow, not knowing what would happen and not knowing the outcome add color to the journey.

We love watching sports because we don’t know whether we will win or not. If we knew our favorite basketball team or tennis player is going to win every time, sports would not be as compelling even though we're always winning.

Instead of knowing what the future would look like, I realized that I just want to have more faith despite all the uncertainties, to change my attitude to be able to handle those uncertainties better, to live and cherish each day, to be present in every moment, and to develop my habits.

And maybe those are what uncertainties are for—to help us become better, more trusting, and more faithful people and to teach us to simply live and do our best for today.

One thing is for sure. The future is bright for us… as long as we do not give up. Keep moving forward... one day at a time.