What Do You Do When You're Stuck in a Long Line? A Lesson from Long Lines, Manila Traffic, and Chicken Wings

It was a rainy Saturday evening and, unexpectedly, there were long lines just to get to the train. The only thing going through my mind was, "I want to go home." I knew it was going to be a long wait so I picked up my phone and caught up with business and blogging lessons on my email that I missed during the week.

Finally, after three to five full trains that I let pass, I was able to get inside one. 

After 45 minutes of feeling like a sardine inside the cramped train, I finally got to the mall. Just one more ride and I was finally home. 


There they were again — the long lines. This time, I felt that long lines were preventing me from my destiny — getting home and burying my face on my pillow!

So, I just went inside the mall and ate my favorite chicken wings while waiting for the traffic to ease...for even just a little bit.

After finishing my spicy chicken wings, I got my phone again and wrote down some notes for my next article. 

Instead of waiting idly at the very long line, I sat down comfortably and waited the traffic out by doing what I love most — writing. 

There are things in life that we cannot control like long lines, heavy traffic, and unexpected waiting. But, instead of complaining, instead of feeling irritated the whole time, there are things in our control that we can do. These even include productive things which can bring us closer to our dreams. We can read a book, listen to an audio talk, or even write a blog post on our smart phones. 

We have to make the most of our time — especially our waiting time. After all, there are lots of it in our lives. There's waiting at the airport, waiting for the train to arrive, waiting at long lines, waiting for our boss to finish his or her review of our work, or even waiting for our business to succeed. If we only make the most of it, there are lots of other things we can accomplish. 

We have to hustle while we wait. 

And you know what? Our waiting time may be the only time we have to work on our dreams. It may be the only time when our hands are not full from our day jobs or our other responsibilities. It may be our only time for ourselves after spending most of our productive time for our bosses and for the owners of the companies we are working with. 

That's why the times I'm forced to wait are my blessings in disguise. Do you want to know a secret? Most of my blog posts were written during times I was waiting – including this one.

How about you? Do you spend so much time being stuck in traffic? Do you have plenty of waiting time? What productive thing will you do with them?