What Does Success Mean to You? (+ Happy Labor Day!)

Happy Labor Day!

In the U.S., Labor day is a celebration "dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers." (Source: The ever-reliable Wikipedia)

I'm still not sure what Labor Day is for the Philippines. I just try to enjoy my day off. I'm sorry. Although I think it's more or less the same.

Since we have time on our hands today, let's ask ourselves, "What does success as a worker mean to me?"

  • For some, it's financial success.
  • For some, it's corporate or career success.
  • For some, it's business or entrepreneurial success.
  • For some, it's academic success.
  • For some, it's to provide for their families.

For me, it's to someday achieve freedom—the freedom to do what I love, when I want to do it, and where I want to do it.

I want my work to be aligned with my passion. That's why I'm blogging. I'm passionate about writing and creating.

Because of my definition of success, I'm not only doing things that can help me achieve freedom, I'm also deliberately trying to avoid things that are not aligned with it—even if it means saying "no" to great things like a better career opportunity. (I just said no to an opportunity to work with one of the largest oil companies in the Philippines. Right now, I'm still in shock and disbelief because I dreamed of working with them before.)

When you define what success means to you, you will also gain clarity as to what you need to do next and how you will achieve your success.

Then, don't lose sight of your definition of success. It will come in handy when the road ahead gets rough or when you're presented with a "great" opportunity not aligned with your definition.

Finally, let your definition of success direct your steps.