What's Your Narrative?

Is it I can't do it or I can do it?

Is it I'm a failure or I'm still learning?

Is it I can't afford it or how can I afford it?

Is it I don't know how to do it or I will figure it out as I go?

Is it I have something to prove or I am already enough?

The narrative you tell yourself determines whether you will make it or not. Whatever it means to you. Your narrative is just as important as your actions and your decisions. It also affects how you will do your work that matters. 

Do you like the narrative you're telling to yourself or not? You can still change it. The choice is yours. It always has been. You can still change your story and, more importantly, the story you tell yourself. 


P.S. Today, I'm changing the story I tell myself. Yes, I can do this and I can figure things out as I go. I'm taking the leap. I'm unstoppable.