When Passion Fades, Commitment Sets In

After all, doing something again and again becomes all too familiar, repetitive, and boring no matter how much we love doing it. 

Also, there is always something in what we do that we don't like doing—doing the dreaded paperwork, filing tax returns, or even manually posting updates on social media (I hate it when I cannot automate posting my updates on Facebook). 

In love, infatuation fades. But, we have to stay committed. 

In blogging, there are days when the inspiration to write is simply not there. But, we have to stay committed. 

In our careers, there will come a time when the corporate world, entrepreneurship, or even freelancing finally loses its glamour. But, we have to stay committed. 

No matter what we do, the passion will always fade. And when the passion fades, it's the greatest test of commitment. 

It's the greatest opportunity for us to know how much we love something (or someone).