When Your Goal Proves Too Difficult, Set Sub-Goals

One of the dangers of setting an ambitious goal is getting overwhelmed.

When you get overwhelmed, instead of feeling excited about your goal, you might even feel fearful, anxious, or discouraged thinking that you will never achieve it.

It might even rob you of your excitement altogether. That's one of the reasons why many people give up on setting ambitious goals.

When the finish line is still so far out (and so many years away), it's difficult to get excited.

A secret to fighting overwhelm is breaking down your goal into actionable sub-goals. Break your goal down to the smallest detail and to the smallest task.

Not only will it help you fight overwhelm, it will also help you reach your goal step by step, task by task, and detail by detail.

Achieving your sub-goals is also exciting because it's fun checking things off your list!

Oh, and it might help you gain clarity too!