Where does your hope lie?

Every Sunday, I take a break from writing about WorkLife, and Changing the World. Instead, I write about my imperfect understanding of God’s perfect love as my personal mission to spread His word and His love and to make a difference. You can read more Mission posts here.

It's easy to say, "My hope lies in God alone." Especially during our prayer time, during mass, or our community gathering.

But, when reality sets in, when the bills come, when thoughts about the future enter our minds, we begin to think that we need something more practical than "God alone."

We say one thing, but do otherwise. 

We put our hopes and our security on our jobs, on our businesses, on our relationships, in our families, on the names we built for ourselves, and on the work that we do.

We put our hopes on things that are temporary, on things that perishes.

God is the only constant in this world.  His love is the only thing that is permanent. 

Don't get me wrong. I really believe in doing great work—work that matters to you and to others. The work that we do is a gift from God and also our responsibility. It's also our gift to the world. But, when we work for tomorrow, then we're depending on it and not on God. 

How do we reconcile doing work and trusting God alone?

By living just for today. 

By doing the best we can today and trusting God for the results (and trusting God for tomorrow). 

By giving our best work now, not so we can have a bright future, but just to give our best gift to the world right now. 

Show your trust in God not just through your words, but also through your thoughts, intentions, and actions—especially through your actions. 

Live for today. Give it your best just for today. 

"Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself." — Matthew 6:34

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