Why Do You Stay Up Late at Night?

On my way home, I knew I wanted to sleep right away when I finally get there. I could already think of burying my face in bed. 

But when I finally got home, I watched a movie. Then, another. Then, another one. The last one was Jobs. I love Steve Jobs. He's one of my heroes. Why? Because I feel like a misfit. Here's to the crazy ones:

I was still ready for one more movie when I realized that it's already three in the morning and I had to wake up at four to go to work! Sleep is for the weak. Just kidding. 

Some people probably stay up very late at night like I do not to relax, not to unwind, and not because they don't have the discipline. They stay up late because they are trying to escape from tomorrow's reality. They are trying to get temporary relief from the pain of what happened during the day. They are trying to have a short escape from work they don't love to do. 

I was in one of those moments when I didn't want to go to the office and drag myself to work. I stayed up late at night because I didn't want the escapade to end. I didn't want to sleep just to wake up and go to the office again. 

The only solution for this problem, and maybe for insomnia, is to find work that makes sense to you. Find work that you love to do, that makes you feel alive, vibrant, and excited. 

Find work that makes you want to get up in the morning. Find work that makes you want to sleep early so you have all the strength and energy in the morning. 

Right now, that's what I'm trying to do aside from my blog. I'm also looking for work that will excite and energize me. My day job is killing me softly and slowly. Not exactly the way to live the life you want, right? (Update: I think I already found it. I will update you again in the very near future what will happen.)

How about you? Have you found the work that excites you?

By the way, I was able to wake up at four. But, I was very sleepy the whole day. Productivity was at 10% normal capacity. Avoid doing that at all costs. Sleep is also for the strong. 

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