Why you cannot see opportunities

Because you're not looking. 

You're not looking probably because you're stuck in a cubicle. No, you're not imprisoned. You have choice. But, the cubicle is comfortable and comfortable is always the easier choice. Although it's not always the right choice. 

You're not looking probably because you're too fixated on what you're doing right now. There's nothing wrong with being too focused. But from time to time, it helps to zoom out and look at other opportunities. Especially when what you're doing is not working. Perseverance is one thing. Being stubborn is another. Still, there's only a fine line separating the two. 

You're not looking probably because you're afraid. Opportunities don't always come in nice packages. They always require courage and entail responsibility. And those are not comfortable. 

Yes. This blog post is also a note to myself. I want to see more (and grab more) opportunities. But, that means I have to step out of my comfort zone again, zoom out and see what opportunities are out there, have more courage, and get ready for responsibilities. 

Lastly, opportunities are here, now. You can only grab today's opportunities. Stop waiting for tomorrow's big opportunities. They may never come. Focus on what is here, right now. 

Seek and you will find. It's biblical. Are you seeking?