Will You Show Up or Will You Add Value?

Just because you are showing up does not mean you are adding value. So, is getting paid doing nothing.

An employee who spends eight hours surfing the net does not, in any way, add value to the company unless he or she is doing research.

Two people being compensated differently yet delivering the same results are adding just the same value. So are two people holding different job titles yet achieving the same results.

We have become so engrossed in equating value with time spent, compensation, and job title or position that we forget what adding value really entails.

Value does not look at the time spent, the prestige, the salary, or the money. Value focuses on the results. Value focuses on the ability to deliver.

Showing up is half the battle. But, it is only half the battle. Delivering is the other half. And that applies to every area of your life.

Will you simply show up today or will you add value? It's up to you.