You Don't Need Permission to Live Your Life

Two weeks ago, I attended as a guest in a local Toastmasters chapter.

I learned so much in just one day!

I learned some techniques on how to deliver an impromptu speech, learned some phrases to avoid so you can make deliver your speech more powerfully, learned some tips in telling stories, and learned a lot more from the prepared speeches and evaluations.

I will share my learnings and experiences with you in greater detail in the future.

Today, I want to focus on one thing: Permission.

We usually ask for permission from someone before we start anything.

We ask for permission from our teachers to do an exercise or start answering a quiz.

We used to ask permission from our parents to play outside when we were kids.

We ask for permission from our bosses before we start a task at work.

Aside from asking for explicit permission, we also seek implicit permission from other people in the form of approval, acceptance, and being deemed good enough.

Some of us seek our parents’ approval or blessing when it comes to making big life decisions like resigning from jobs we don’t like.

Some of us prefer acceptance by the people around us to pursuing the things we love when it involves shaking things up and deviating from the norm.

Most of us wait until we are good enough before we deliver anything to the world.

I wanted to join a local Toastmasters chapter in order to be more comfortable in sharing my message. I want to expand my blog from writing to doing videos this year. But, I want to be good enough before I start. I was seeking permission from people who are good at speaking.

But during the Toastmasters session, I realized that I should just go ahead and do the videos. I realized that I don’t need permission in any form to speak, to share my voice, and to spread my message of living the life you want and making a difference at the same time!

I don’t need anyone's approval, or acceptance to do so. I don’t even need to be good enough! I just have to put it out there now.

Of course, it is important to keep on improving, to plan, and to strategize to be more effective and efficient in getting the message across. But first things first, I have to put it out there!

How about you? Are you seeking permission before you do the things you love, before you do your mission, and before you live the life you want?

You don’t need permission from anyone. You don't need permission to do the things you love, to live the life you want, and to make a difference. You definitely don't need permission to be more comfortable with and confident in yourself.

You just need to deliver now and improve along the way.