You Just Need Enough to Get Started

How many times have you thought of starting something, but you told yourself you needed more time, more money, or more of something else?

How many times have you thought of starting your own business, starting your own blog, writing your own book, attending that seminar or convention, or approaching that potential lover but you told yourself you needed more courage, more inspiration, more ideas, or more resources?

You don't need to have "more" of anything to get started. You just need enough. And chances are, you already have enough.

You just need a small capital to start your own business. Mass selling, mass producing, and mass marketing are already things of the past. Now is the time for small, personalized, and customizable businesses. What you have, what you know, and whom you know are enough for you to start.

You don't need to spend anything to start your own blog. You can start by signing up for free at Medium, Wordpress, Blogger, or Tumblr. You can just upgrade to paid accounts, buy your domain, or transfer your hosting later on. After all, Brendon Burchard, arguably the number one speaker in motivation, has his blog on Tumblr!

You don't need more time or more ideas to start your own book. You just need to start writing down the ideas you have and put them together into a book. You also need to eliminate watching TV, mindless web surfing, or other stuff you do that do not help in writing your book.

You don't need more motivation or inspiration to attend a seminar that can potentially change your life. Buy your ticket now with complete abandon! The motivation and inspiration will come from the seminar!

You don't need more courage to approach that potential lover. Courage comes from taking action. The little courage you have now is more than enough.

How about you? What are you delaying because you need more of something? Do it now! You already have enough and enough is all you need to get started.