A call to pray for priests

Read today's scripture

Priests play an important role in our lives.

They are the ones who shepherd God's people in the faith and in life. They not only guide us in understanding the scriptures and the traditions, but also give us models to follow in living like Christ.

In the Old Testament, priests played a central part in passing on the blessings and authority from God. It was passed from Adam to Abraham, to the Patriarchs, to Moses, to the Levites, to the Judges, to the line of David, to Jesus, to the Apostles, and then to the Church. It was important to trace down not only the kingship, but also the priesthood. 

Today, we are all called to be priests. We are called to be models for others. We are called to spread the faith and knowledge and wisdom about God. We are called not only to know the law, but to live it through love. We are called to live and to love like Jesus.

But, there are also men who are called to be ordained priest. They are the ones who answer God's special call to the religious life. And they are the ones who completely detach themselves from the things of this world to be the paramount models of Christ.

Yet, like us, they are also humans still who are subject to the same weaknesses and temptations. They also falter and fall. But, they face higher expectations because of their positions of authority. They have greater influence and responsibilities. But whenever they fall, they also face heavier condemnation with some people pointing to them as the reason why they leave the faith.

God's priests may not be perfect. But, His Church is.

Today's first reading tells us how Jesus is a priest forever after the likeness of Melchizedek. It is a good reminder for us to pray for one another who are called to be priests just like Jesus and especially for our ordained priests. 

During one of the times when I went to confession, a priest asked me to pray for him as well. He told me that they also face the same problems and temptations. He also told me that we often don't know how much they need our prayers as well.

Today, let's take a few moments to pray for our priests and our leaders. We just don't know how much they need our prayers. Let's also pray for one another who are called to be priests as well.

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