How do you respond when God visits you?

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How do you respond when God visits you?

Do you respond with joy, with love, and with hope?

Or are you overcome with guilt, with shame, or even with disbelief?

When Mary visited Elizabeth, the infant inside her womb leaped for joy.

When God visits our lives, He brings with Him peace, hope, joy, and love. And He loves for us to receive those gifts.

But oftentimes, we shun those gifts because of our guilt, our shame, or our feeling of unworthiness.

When Adam and Eve sinned against God, they were filled with shame and hid against God. They no longer saw God as a loving Father. Instead, they saw Him as a punisher.

The first consequence of sin is a strained relationship with God.

When Jesus came, He reintroduced who God was—a loving Father. A loving Father who loves to give us joy, peace, hope, and love. A loving Father who loves visiting us and comforting us in our afflictions.

Jesus not only saved us from sin. He saved us from its consequences, especially by repairing the way we see God.

God was, is, and always will be a loving Father. But, it's up to us to decide how we respond to His love and His visitation.

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