Keep God's promise in your heart

Read today's scripture

Happy new year! Isn't it wonderful that today's first reading is a prayer of blessing? I'm claiming that this year will be a year of blessings and breakthrough for us.

What is God's promise to you this year? What is that "one thing" that you really pray for and wish to happen this year?

(Please take a minute to think or pray about it before proceeding.)

Like what Mary did, keep God's promise in your heart and reflect on them throughout the year. Every day. One day at a time. When you do, you will be waiting with faith, hope, and joyful anticipation for the fulfillment of His promises to you.

Are you ready for its fulfillment?

Have a blessed 2017!


P.S. Last week, I drew an illustration of today's first reading. As my gift to you, you can still download it here. It's also my prayer for you this year.

P.P.S. This year, I'm praying for a breakthrough. I'm also claiming that this is the year I finally become a full-time blogger. What are you praying for?

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