Overcoming peer pressure

Read today’s scripture

How many of us have fallen because of peer pressure?

Today’s Gospel reading tells the story of the death of John the Baptist. King Herod feared John, respected him, and knew him to be righteous man. While Herod was perplexed when he heard John speak, he liked listening to him. He didn’t want to kill him. He only arrested him and put him in custody.

But because of his oath to his daughter and not wanting to lose face among his guests, he asked an executioner to behead John in the prison.

Many of our politicians and other powerful people make poor decisions because of peer pressure and all the other pressures of the world. Many of them create bills and pass on laws such as divorce, contraceptions, and same-sex marriage that are in conflict with the natural laws of God. (I wrote more about my views regarding these topics in a previous post here.)

But, it’s not only them who make poor decisions. We also do in our daily lives — from crossing the street where there are no pedestrian lanes to looking at pornographic materials. After all, everyone is doing it. (I’m also a work in progress.)

The voices of the world tell us to choose what is good for us, that we fail to choose God’s best. It’s not always a choice between right and wrong. It’s often a choice between what’s good and what’s best for us.

Overcoming peer pressure means rising above the voices of the world. And we can do that only by listening to a different voice — God’s loving voice.

In the silence of our own hearts.

In the peace of our prayers.

Are you struggling with the pressures of the world? Don't give up and give in. 

Cease whatever you're doing. Make time for God. Listen to Him in the silence of your heart and in the peace of your prayers. Make the best decisions with God. Take your time if you have to.

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