The time when we still believed

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Sometimes, I wish I could back in time. Not because my life was easier then, but because I believed more.

I believed that I could become whom I want to become.

I believed I could do whatever I wanted to do.

Or maybe I just believed in myself more when I was younger. As simple as that.

Failures, trials, and the practicality of life made me think realistically.

But, what Jesus is always telling us is that we can create our own reality. We just have to believe. He didn’t say we had to be learned or be experienced. He simply have to believe. That’s it.

Sometimes, our learnings and experiences can get in the way of believing. That’s why “wise” and the “learned” no longer believe. 

Unfortunately, we can no longer go back in time—back when we still children. Back when we still haven’t failed and life hasn’t thrown curve balls our way. Back to the time when we still believed.

But, we can always choose to become childlike and believe. 

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