The world needs more Ezras

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We are on the second week of Advent—of remembering how the Israelites waited for the Savior and how we should be waiting for His second coming.

Today’s readings focus on the joyful anticipation of the Lord’s coming, repentance for our sins, and producing good fruits.

While reading the Bible last night, I also read these three passages from the book of Ezra:

"When I had heard this, I tore my cloak and my mantle, plucked hair from my head and beard, and sat there devastated. 
"Around me gathered all who were in dread of the sentence of the God of Israel on the apostasy of the exiles, while I remained devastated until the evening sacrifice.
"While Ezra prayed and acknowledged their guilt, weeping and prostrate before the house of God...” — Ezra 9: 3-4, 10: 1a

I felt some pain in my heart when I read those passages.

Today, we live in a world where sin is tolerated. There is so much injustice leaving people broken and hopeless.

But, are there still Ezras in this world who genuinely feel the pain of the world? Who are consumed by their love and zeal for God and His commandments that they weep for our sinfulness?

Standing up for God, doing charitable acts, and even teaching the Gospel to others—we can do all these even without real, genuine love. We can do them just to make ourselves feel better. I’m guilty of that too.

But, weeping because of people's sinfulness? It takes real love and zeal for God.

In this day and age, we don’t only need more Christians and charitable acts. We need more Ezras who show their love for God by obeying and sharing His law.

"Ezra had set his heart on the study and practice of the law of the Lord and on teaching statutes and ordinances in Israel.” — Ezra 7:10

Emphasis on study, practice, and teach.

Study. Practice. Teach.

Will you be an Ezra?


P.S. You can start being an Ezra by reading the Bible. A program that’s helping me tremendously is Jeff Cavins’ The Bible Timeline: The Story of Salvation. (I’m not in anyway connected to Jeff Cavins or to the publisher of The Bible Timeline. I just want to share a wonderful resource with you.) 

P.P.S. Last week, I also started praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet everyday at 3 PM. I believe in the power of prayer. And now, more than ever, I believe we need to pray for our sins and those of the whole world. The world needs our prayers.

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