What is in your heart?

Read today's scripture

Today's Gospel reading is one of the most curious passages in the bible. Nathanael came to believe because Jesus saw him praying under a fig tree.

What? Just because Jesus saw him under a tree, he already came to believe?

Some scholars believe that Jesus did not physically see Nathanael praying under a fig tree. In the Gospel reading, one of the verses said it was Philip who found Nathanael and brought him to Jesus. Nathanael was probably praying in a private or secluded place.

Yet, at the first moment Jesus saw Nathanael, Jesus already knew him. Jesus knew what Nathanael was praying about. He knew the sincerity of his prayers. He knew the genuineness of his heart. Why? Because Nathanael was praying to God under the fig tree. He was a true Israelite praying to God for the Messiah. And Jesus is God incarnate. 

Jesus knew what was in Nathanael's prayers. He knew what was in his heart.

What are you praying for? What is in your heart? God already knows it. He can see through you. He knows the deepest desires of your heart. Just have faith and follow Him.

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