Where does your self-worth lie?

Read today's scripture

We like being put on a pedestal. It feels good to be recognized because, sometimes, we get our self-worth from recognition and other people's attention.

Before the ministry of Jesus, people were flocking to John the Baptist. Some were probably proclaiming him to be the Messiah.

John could have embraced the attention he was getting. He could have claimed himself to be the Messiah. But, he didn't.

He was content with his role of preparing the way of the Lord. He was tenacious in spreading God's message of repentance. He performed many great deeds. Yet, he remained humble enough to acknowledge that one mightier was coming after him.

Where did that humility come from? It came from his healthy self-worth.

John's self-worth didn't depend on the recognition he received. It didn't depend on other people's attention. His self-worth depended on God alone.

How about you? Are you seeking success because of recognition? Is your self-worth dependent on other people's attention? Where does your self-worth lie? 

When people no longer pay attention to you, when you have finally stepped down from your place of honor or recognition, when you fail, or when your material things no longer have any value, will you still consider yourself as valuable?

Only God's love can fill your deepest need. The good news is, He loves you unconditionally. Because of His love, you are already worthy. You are already valuable. You don't have to prove anything to others, especially to yourself.

You are intrinsically valuable because God loves you.

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